Nutrients for all Systems

One Product from Seed to Harvest

Gold Leaf is a true, single-step liquid fertilizer that delivers essential plant nutrients to hydroponic and soil grown plants. Gold Leaf reduces the number of products that need to be applied, saving growers time, money, and water.

Until now, hydroponic fertilizers and soil fertilizers have required multiple products that need to be applied at different times. That requires the products to be kept in separate tanks, dosed, blended, pH-controlled, and monitored for electrical conductivity. Gold Leaf can be used as a direct replacement for these two or three-part fertilizers, and the plethora of assorted nutrient additives that are sold alongside them in conventional feed ranges. With Gold Leaf, your growing process can be simplified. Just mix with water and it’s ready for use!

To purchase 500mL, 1 Liter, and 4 Liter (1 Gallon) bottles of Gold Leaf, visit our distributor’s website: