Remove Uncertainty

  • By applying a fertilizer that contains essential plant nutrients, you remove the risk that plants will be deficient in a specific nutrient.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies are almost impossible to correct once the symptoms are visible. Gold Leaf acts preemptively to address these issues.

Grow High-Value, Quality Plants

  • Increase yield due to optimized plant nutrition.
  • Produce denser growth and higher quality class of flowers and leaves, due to fewer physiological skin disorders due to calcium deficiency.
Hydroponic Strawberries
Hydroponic Lettuce

Reduce Time and Expense

  • Just shake and dilute. 
  • Reduce applications of multiple agrochemicals. Gold Leaf delivers macronutrients and micronutrients in one step, saving you time, labor, fuel and water.

Use Space and Equipment Efficiently

  • Gold Leaf is a one-step solution, eliminating the need for multiple feed tanks and blending equipment.
  • Remove risk of downtime due to nozzle blockages that result from mixing incompatibility. 

Alleviating Salt Stress

Crops growing in saline areas will respond well to Gold Leaf addition; its low chlorine content combined with the nitrates and organic carbon will help alleviate the toxicity of sodium to the crop. Saline conditions are common in fields close to the coast, in arid regions where irrigation is commonplace, or where desalinated water is used to irrigate crops

Optimizing pH

Nutrients become available to the growing plant when the media the roots sit in have an optimum pH between 5.5-7.0. This applies to all growing media, whether it is soil, compost, or in inert media used in hydroponic cultivation. 

Until now, hydroponic fertilizers are added to the irrigation water and then slowly adjusted with acids/alkali using a pH meter to get to the appropriate pH level. Then as the plant absorbs nutrient and exudes chemicals from its roots the pH changes. As this happens acids/alkali need to be added to keep the solution from shifting outside the optimum pH. 

With Gold Leaf, there is no major swing in pH. The stable buffered product resists change in pH by the actions of the plant so further pH alterations are not needed. 

ph-chart Nutrients

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