Directions for Use:

     1. Shake Bottle

     2. Add to water and stir

     3. Allow one minute for the product to dissolve

     4. Apply to crops  

Hydroponic Strawberries

Note– Gold Leaf Fertilizer and essential nutrients are provided as a single-step application.  As such, this unique blend must be handled in a way to prevent contamination.  The dosing technique is extremely important to maintain product integrity once the bottle is uncapped.  To ensure this, the following procedures and recommendations will help maintain product purity:

  • Shake vigorously before each use for at least 30 seconds. While the formulation is designed for complete suspension stability, the shaking will ensure ultimate product dispersion before each dose.
  • The best way to add / dose is to pour into a calibrated measuring container.
  • Gold Leaf is very dense and loaded with nutrients (compare the weight of a bottle of Gold Leaf with the same size container of another competitive product) and is more viscous than other products. Therefore, it is not recommended to use pipettes to transfer product to the system.
  • If pipettes must be used, do not leave a previously used pipette in the Gold Leaf container between doses. Any water contamination will affect the dispersion and may render the product ineffective.
  • Cap product when not in use. Failure to do so may affect product quality.

Soil Growing

Apply 15 mL (1 tablespoon) of Gold Leaf per gallon of water to already moist soil every third water (7-14 days)

hydroponic lettuce

Hydroponic Growing

Apply 2 mL of Gold Leaf per gallon of water during germination. 

Apply 4 mL of Gold Leaf per gallon of water during growth and flowering.

Hydroponics Vegetables

Specific Advice for Commonly Used Hydroponic Systems

  • Ebb and Flood: Use in the same manner as a conventional two part fertilizer. Do not allow pockets of stagnant solution to remain once drained.
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)/continuous flow: Top off tank with water daily, then add Gold Leaf to reach the EC level equivalent to 1.0 mL/L.
  • Flood to Drain systems: We advise that in Spring and Summer, effluent is placed onto nearby gardens and lawns to take advantage of any unused nutrients.
  • Aeroponics: Use as a direct replacement for ‘two part’ fertilizers.


High-Value Crops Dosing Instructions

The chart on the right represents approximate dosing ranges for all growth stages of High-Value Crops, along with recommended lighting cycles. These are tested ranges based on several strains grown with Golf Leaf. Use this chart as a guideline and adjust according to your plant’s performance and your own personal experience.

To purchase 500mL, 1 Liter, and 4 Liter (1 Gallon) bottles of Gold Leaf, visit our distributor’s website: